The corona era has changed our way of both living and working. Most employees are now working from home, as remote working has become the new trend. This trend may cause difficulties in many people, who used to spend plenty of their time outside their homes. How can we make our lives easier while working from home during the quarantine?


A way to accept the new reality is to transform our new home office into our dream working space. Purchasing the right gadgets and renovating our room properly could transform our space and help us to be more productive.


The second screen

Most of us working from home use mainly laptops. A laptop screen is normally around 15.6 inches making our lives complicated if we have to manage many tasks simultaneously. A purchase of a second screen can facilitate our tasks, as it offers clarity and comfort. A good idea is to choose a normal pc screen and not a TV monitor, which may be cheaper.


The right coffee mug

Coffee is often thought the ultimate drinking during working. That is why choosing the right mug of coffee could be important for most of us. Pick a mug big enough for the right amount of coffee. You can combine your mug with a mug warmer to drink your coffee always hot – no matter how many hours you have your mug sitting on your desk.


The comfortable chair

Buying the right chair should not be thought a luxury. Spending most of our time sitting on a chair, we must think purchasing a comfortable chair with anatomical back and arms. Using a footrest can also help, especially if you are having problems with your knees.


The wireless headset

Remote working is now combined with constant videocalls to manage the tasks of the day. Using a wireless headset could really help the multitaskers, who want to combine many tasks (drink coffee, type and speak during the call)!


The home plant

Picking the right plant to decorate your home office could give a colour and a good vibe to your daily boring working routine. The options are plenty, but Sansevieria is thought to be ideal for your home office especially if it is in your bedroom. Another option can be syngonium, which has the ability to filter the air.