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The corona era has changed our way of both living and working. Most employees are now working from home, as remote working has become the new trend. This trend may cause difficulties in many people, who used to spend plenty of their time outside their homes. How can we make our lives easier while working from home during the


Nowadays, information exchange must be easy, fast and accessible for everyone. In order to be accessible for all, information should be localized to meet the specific needs of each target group. At this point, the term of localization needs to be analysed.


Localization can be described as transferring and adapting information


When depicting the life of a translator, all that may come to mind is loneliness in a home office. I think that only the second part (a home office) is true, as many translators or other professionals, who work from home, tend to have very active social lives. Working from home have some pros and cons. If you pay attention to our list below

metafrasi keimenwn

In many cases, we are obliged to provide the authorities or certain private institutes (i.e. private colleges) with certificates or documentsin a foreign language. In order our documents to be processed they need to be officially translated. But what does “officially translated” really mean?


A document is considered officially

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