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Translation and localization services

Our team at glotto. provides a variety of linguistic and translation services, which are ideal for both individuals and businesses. We can assist you by providing any kind of linguistic service and customize each one for your needs. Choose integrated linguistic solutions for translation, editing, localization and transcreation – Make the right choice and contact us!

Our Services

Our team at glotto. provides a wide variety of services that meet the needs of digital marketing in your company.
These specific services are offered on the above-mentioned working languages depending on the availability of each team:

metafrastiko grafeio thessaloniki


The digital era is the new reality making the online presence of your business on a global scale very significant. Therefore, choosing the right language service provider is a matter of vital importance.

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επιμέλεια κειμένων


Our team at glotto. undertakes editing tasks, which were either written in your mother tongue or in other languages. Editing is the last step before the release of both translated and original documents and guarantees a result of high quality.

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Localization is referred to translating context, which can be found in software, videogames, websites and have specific technical characteristics.

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μετάφραση τοπική προσαρμογή


Transcreation is mainly referred to texts or articles on websites, which should be translated depending on the target audience. In that way, the target audience can easily relate to the specific product or service of your business.

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δημιουργικη μεταφραση
επιμέλεια μηχανικής μετάφρασης


Having in mind the needs of our era, glotto. is specialized in both light and heavy post-editing.

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υπηρεσίες επίσημης μετάφρασης

Official translation

Our team at glotto. is certified to provide you with official translations. This specific service is referred to documents or certificates, which need to be submitted to public authorities or to institutions of the private sector.

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glotto logo translations academy

At glotto. we have a specific team, which offers integrated consulting solutions to professional translators that are interested in expanding their knowledge regarding technical procedures during translation.

translation and localization services


Read useful tips about the world of translation and digital marketing. Learn more about our latest news and get informed for the potential of expanding or developing your business through translation!

little things make life easier

The corona era has changed our way of both living and working. Most employees are now working from home, as remote working has become the new trend. This trend may cause difficulties in many people, who used to spend plenty of their time outside their homes. How can we make our lives easier while working from home during the


Nowadays, information exchange must be easy, fast and accessible for everyone. In order to be accessible for all, information should be localized to meet the specific needs of each target group. At this point, the term of localization needs to be analysed.


Localization can be described as transferring and adapting information


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translation services thessaloniki
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